Redheaded Peckerwood

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Confession Letter

Confession Letter, 2011

Ink and graphite on paper

Storm Cellar

Storm Cellar, 2010

House at Night

House at Night, 2007

Pin-Up Girls

Pin-Up Girls, 2009


Jackknife, 2009

Fake Asphalt Siding

Fake Asphalt Siding, 2008

924 Belmont (Bartlett House)

924 Belmont (Bartlett House), 2010

1545 Cornhusker (Oil Spill)

1545 Cornhusker (Oil Spill), 2008

Ask for Ethyl

Ask for Ethyl, 2011

Oil-based paint on paper board

Rustless High Velocity (Shotgun Shell)

Rustless High Velocity (Shotgun Shell), 2007

Shotgun Blast

Shotgun Blast, 2012

Shotgun, gun powder on paper board

I Pledge Allegation

I Pledge Allegation to the Flag, 2011

Ink and oil-based paint on paper

Three-Story Rat Trap

Three-Story Rat Trap, 2011

Shit from Shinola

Shit from Shinola, 2010

24th Street Road (Road at Night)

24th Street Road (Road at Night), 2007


Telephone, 2008


Zippo, 2010

Landscape on Fire

Landscape on Fire, 2009

Little Town

Little Town, 2010

Ink on paper

Store Door

Store Door, 2009

Prairie Grass Swirl

Prairie Grass Swirl, 2008

Day of Terror

Day of Terror, 2010

Broken Bulb

Broken Bulb, 2009

Dirty Bed

Dirty Bed, 2006

Death Figure

Death Figure, 2011

Wax on paper

Falling Flowers

Falling Flowers, 2008


Antifreeze, 2008

Burned-Out Room

Burned-Out Room, 2011

Fruit Cake 98 Cents

Fruit Cake 98 Cents, 2011

Oil-based paint on paper board

Stuffed Toy Poodle

Stuffed Toy Poodle, 2010

7-Up Bottle

7-Up Bottle, 2007

Meyer Farm

Meyer Farm, 2007

The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall, 2009

Broken-Down Door

Broken-Down Door, 2007

Prairie Grass Leak

Prairie Grass Leak, 2009

House of Cards

House of Cards, 2010

Broken Home

Broken Home, 2008

Snowy Landscape (Looking North)

Snowy Landscape (Looking North), 2007

Surrender Clouds

Surrender Clouds, 2008

924 Belmont (Tangled Tree)

924 Belmont (Tangled Tree), 2007

Confasuis Says

Confasuis Says, 2010

Ink on paper

Burned-Out Bulb

Burned-Out Bulb, 2008

Curtains for You

Curtains for You, 2010

Modern Man (Folded Magazine)

Modern Man (Folded Magazine), 2010

Bloody Snow

Bloody Snow, 2008

Oregon Trail Bottle

Oregon Trail Bottle, 2011

Acrylic on silver gelatin print

House on Fire

House on Fire, 2007

Pissed-On Snow

Pissed-On Snow, 2008

Hood Ornament

Hood Ornament, 2010

C-clamp on chrome-plated steel (Readymade)


Headlights, 2010

Motel Sign

Motel Sign, 2008

Security (Hammer)

Security (Hammer), 2011

Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps, 2010

Help (Gas Can)

Help (Gas Can), 2010

Ray of Light

Ray of Light, 2006

Tree on Fire

Tree on Fire, 2009

What Happens After the Shot is Fired?

What Happens After the Shot is Fired?, 2008

Ink on paper

You Can't Run Away from Anything

You Can't Run Away from Anything, 2011

Oil-based paint on rubber

Charlie's Bloody Ear

Charlie's Bloody Ear, 2011

The Press

The Press, 2011

Caril Ann (Tear-Stained)

Caril Ann (Tear-Stained), 2011

Caril Ann (Tear Stained)

Caril Ann (Tear Stained), 2011

Ink, wax, paper and tape on silver gelatin print

A Crowd Gathers

A Crowd Gathers, 2011

A Crowd Gathers

A Crowd Gathers, 2011

Ink, paper and tape on silver gelatin print

Map of Lincoln (Erased)

Map of Lincoln (Erased), 2011

Ink and tape on paper

Let's All Go Out and Get a Steak

Let's All Go Out and Get a Steak, 2011

Oil-based paint on paper board

Confession LetterStorm CellarHouse at Night
Pin-Up GirlsJackknifeFake Asphalt Siding
924 Belmont (Bartlett House)1545 Cornhusker (Oil Spill)Ask for Ethyl
Rustless High Velocity (Shotgun Shell)Shotgun BlastI Pledge Allegation
Three-Story Rat TrapShit from Shinola24th Street Road (Road at Night)
TelephoneZippoLandscape on Fire
Little TownStore DoorPrairie Grass Swirl
Day of TerrorBroken BulbDirty Bed
Death FigureFalling FlowersAntifreeze
Burned-Out RoomFruit Cake 98 CentsStuffed Toy Poodle
7-Up BottleMeyer FarmThe Writing on the Wall
Broken-Down DoorPrairie Grass LeakHouse of Cards
Broken HomeSnowy Landscape (Looking North)Surrender Clouds
924 Belmont (Tangled Tree)Confasuis SaysBurned-Out Bulb
Curtains for YouModern Man (Folded Magazine)Bloody Snow
Oregon Trail BottleHouse on FirePissed-On Snow
Hood OrnamentHeadlightsMotel Sign
Security (Hammer)Bottle CapsHelp (Gas Can)
Ray of LightTree on FireWhat Happens After the Shot is Fired?
You Can't Run Away from AnythingCharlie's Bloody EarThe Press
Caril Ann (Tear-Stained)Caril Ann (Tear Stained)A Crowd Gathers
A Crowd GathersMap of Lincoln (Erased)Let's All Go Out and Get a Steak